Summer of More 2022

2022 is the Summer of More

As we continue to return to the new normal after the disruptions from the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re so excited to call this season our Summer of More. We’ll take a quick break from July 4-8 with some virtual programming continuing, but we’re coming back strong on Monday, July 11 and we can’t wait to see you.

More programming!

We have numerous new one-time and recurring programs starting at the Brooklyn Center.  The Phoenix is offering a 3 week workshop on how we can tap into the ways music and social change overlap. Our friends at Diaspora Community Services are hosting the Let Freedom Reign Kiki Ball with prize categories inspired by the American narrative. The Young Men’s Health Project at Camba is hosting a Hot Gay Summer workshop. The new support group Empowerment Toward Equality in Healthcare seeks to help LGBTQ+ folks find their self-advocacy in medical settings. Our friends at Park Slope Parents are holding a meet and greet for parents of LGBTQ+ teens and tweens. We’re delighted to hosting a beginner’s Al-Anon group for young people impacted by the addiction/alcoholism of a family member. And all that is coming in the first few weeks of July!
All this is in addition to our ongoing programs like yoga, games nights, writer’s club, TGNC support groups, Transpire, and more. We’re going to be adding even more events throughout the summer, so check back often.

More staff!

Brooks NicolosiWe’re delighted to welcome Brooks Nicolosi as a full time program manager in health and wellness. We’ve also added several part-time staff over the previous few months and are currently looking to hire an LMSW or LCSW as a full time care coordinator.

More Onsite Partners!

In the last few months, we’ve welcomed Stonewall Community Development Corporation back as one of our on-site partners. We also have Ali Forney, the Hetrick Martin Institute, the G.H.O.S.T. Project occupying offices at our Bed-Stuy location as they connect with the Brooklyn Community. And this summer we’re pleased to announce that the Callen Lorde Behavior Health Service located at our Crown Heights space has cleared all their permitting and licensing requirements and has begun to see patients.

More Volunteers!

We rely so much on our volunteers to meet the needs of the community. Front desk reception volunteers are often the front line of assistance providing visitor and callers with referrals and guiding them to services and opportunities. Additionally, almost all our ongoing programs are led by community volunteers. This includes everything from yoga to book clubs, workshops and support groups. If you’d like to the join the growing list of volunteers helping to build Brooklyn’s LGBTQ+ community, learn more here.


Let Freedom Reign
Empowerment Toward Equality in Healthcare
Hot Gay Summer Workshop, July 13th 5pm-7:30pm
LGBTQ+ Grief, Loss, and Bereavement Group, Thursdays 4-5pm
Young People in Al-Anon, Beginners Meeting, Second Thursday of the Month 6:15pm-7:45pm
Parents of Queer T(w)eens Meet and Greet, Thursday July 14th 6:30-7:45pm
Tarot Readings with Altaro Tarot, Wednesdays 3-5pm
Redefining Softness Workshop August 20th