ZOOM WORKSHOP: LGBTQ+ Yoga & Meditation w Kirsten

Sunday Yoga & Meditation with Kirsten

Sundays from 7:30 to 8 PM

Kirsten Adorian will facilitate a weekly workshop in yoga and meditation.

The class starts with 15 minutes of yoga poses or Asana, common in yoga classes. During the yoga portion, we will explore the fundamental aspects of it, try modifications, discuss what parts of the body it typically affects, and talk about its intended Somatic effect.
We will then follow with 15 minutes of simple, breath-centered meditation, starting with simple stretches to prepare the body and then sitting for 15 minutes of guided meditation.
This Yoga and Meditation class is great for folks new to this. With ongoing practice, the class will focus on making yoga and meditation less intimidating and more accessible to a variety of bodies.
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Meeting ID: 962 7442 8744
Passcode: 123990

About Kirsten Adorian: Kirsten is a 33-year-old white, cis-passing gender-confused queerdo, who grew up in Queens and has been calling Brooklyn home for 12 years. They’re interested in movement practices that heal and embrace the fullness of all bodies. With sciatica and chronic pain, they’re learning to honor their body rather than force it. Yoga has helped them through depression, pain, and life shit.
Feel free to email them regarding the class or modifications: adoriank@gmail.com.


Sep 26 2021


7:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Brooklyn Community Pride Center



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