Queer Queeni Goodbye at Brooklyn Community Pride Center

Queer Queeni’s Virtual Goodbye Party & Poetry Slam

Due to COVID-19 this is an online virtual event. 

Saturday, September 26th, 1 to 2:30 PM

Calling all Queers to celebrate Queer Queeni’s life with a goodbye party and poetry slam!
Queeni will read from her own poetry work and participants are invited to bring their own work. Spread the word and invite all of your queer friends to give a beautiful send off to Queeni to new realms.
Yup. Queeni is dying from ALS, an always crippling, always fatal disease. ALS has killed three of Queeni’s family, most recently her blood cousin just before Christmas of 2018. ALS has now crippled two more of Queeni’s family, another blood cousin, and Queeni herself. Queeni survives, for now, on hospice.
Dan Gonzalez, who met Queeni at Brooklyn Community Pride Center, will be hosting the event. Please email Dan at amor77g@gmail.com for questions and to register for the event.
Queer Queeni Goodbye at Brooklyn Community Pride Center
Queeni took this photo recently because she was struck by its spectral energy, its dark, prophetic presence:
“I felt my death come close in that moment. Morning sun streaming through my window. Bringing life. Bringing My Death. It was a genuine Holy Shit! moment, for sure. I got goosebumps then. Like I do now. My phantom fingers blur and blend into the sleeve of my jacket shielding my arm, my warm flesh. Like a scene from the movie “ALIEN”. Death devouring life.”


Sep 26 2020


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Brooklyn Community Pride Center

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