Queer Life Coaching with Claire at Brooklyn Community Pride Center

Queer Life Coaching with Claire

By Appointment.

Sign up for free life coaching with Claire on her website.
How to make your dream come true if you don’t know where to start?
What if you feel unmotivated at work or even just to get out of bed?
What to do when you feel alone in this pandemic?
If you are dealing with any of these or other questions related to living a fulfilled life, you could benefit from free life coaching sessions with Claire.
You can sign up for a coaching with Claire through her website. For more information or questions, please email Claire at claire@authenticcluster.com.
Claire coaches queer people to help them live their most authentic life, including doing what they dream to do. She believes that our dream is our vehicle to fulfill our life’s purpose. Staying true is our best contribution we could give to the world.


Jul 26 2021


Brooklyn Community Pride Center

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