NYC Bi+ Family Picnic 2021 by Brooklyn Community Pride Center

NYC Bi+ Family Picnic

Our final 2021 Picnic!
Sunday, September 12th, 1–6 PM
in Central Park, NYC

BiRequest is proud to support NYC Bi+ Family Picnics 2021 Season in Central Park.

Join BiRequest for the final 2021 Season NYC Bi+ Family Picnic, taking place on the Diana Ross Playground Lawn in Central Park, New York, NY. Bring some games, food or drinks (no alcohol) and your friends, partners, kids, parents, chosen family, cousins and other people important in your life. All are welcome! If you would like to bring something to share, please bring something prepackaged, and individually wrapped. Sorry, no full potlucks this year.
For more information about the event, space, how to get there, and COVID-19 protocols, check out the event on the MeetUp listing.
Check out MeetUp for more info on the Picnic >
About BiRequest
BiRequest is a multi-racial and many gendered and variously sex’d people community-based support and discussion group serving the metro NYC area. BiRequest is all volunteer-run, open to bi+ identifying folx and allies. Follow BiRequest online on Facebook and Twitter us online.
For more info contact Tony Johnson at


Sep 12 2021


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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