Covid-19 Care Packages for Trans And Non-Binary Community Members of Color

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

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The Brooklyn Ghost Project

COVID CARE PACKAGES is a partnership between Brooklyn Community Pride Center and The Brooklyn Ghost Project.

For more information contact LaTravious Collins, CEO, or Altonio McGarvin, VP at



Covid-19 Care Packages for Trans and Non-Binary Community Members of Color

Who?The Brooklyn Ghost Project and Brooklyn Community Pride Center will be teaming up to create Covid-19 care packages for Trans and Non-binary community members of color. These care packages are specifically designed to assist these individuals in the heroic efforts to stay home and stay safe.

What?While these care packages will be sure to include essential items necessary for surviving in this new world, the specifics range from face mask and gloves to snacks and leisure time activities (such as word searches; crossword puzzles).

When?We are currently in the process of raising funds, asking for incline donations and organizing the care packages. However, we are hoping to start making deliveries during the first week of June. Also, we are hoping to continue these care package deliveries throughout the entire month of June.

Where?The Brooklyn Ghost Project will be hand delivering these care packages door to door or recipients will have the option of meeting delivery drivers in a predetermined safe designated location.

Why?While we recognize that the Covid-19 pandemic has both wreaked havoc upon and created new challenges for the entire world, as trans and non-binary individuals of color we MUST recognize that the negative impact of the pandemic has disproportionally affected trans and non-binary communities of color. What were once major issues on the forefront of trans and non-binary activisms (like homelessness; unemployment; personal safety) have escalated into even bigger and more dangerous challenges plaquing our community into life threatening spouts of anxiety and depression.

How?First, we are asking those who can, to donate to our cause so that we can continue to uplift and support Trans and Non-binary community members of color throughout these very trying time.

Second, we are asking local businesses that can afford it, to donate items that we can add to the Covid-Care-Packages.

Third, we are asking our #StayAtHome heroes to nominate Trans and Non-binary individuals of color within the five NYC boroughs that could use a Covid-Care-Package.