COVID-19 Response Measures and Reopening

Updated Wednesday, December 15, 2021 12:00 PM ET

Dear Friends of Brooklyn Community Pride Center:

We are excited to welcome people back to the Center for in-person gatherings and services! Throughout the pandemic, the safety of our community has been our primary concern and we remain committed to protecting our community from the continued spread of COVID-19. As we resume a limited number of in-person programs and services, we will continue to evaluate our protocols in accordance with new information and guidance, particularly as they relate to new variants and local spread.

We also recognize that as Brooklyn’s only LGBTQ+ community center, we are a refuge for many community members who may not have regular access to spaces where they feel safe and accepted. Brooklyn Community Pride Center requires a record of vaccination for all people over the age of 5 to enter our facilities. Additionally, in compliance with CDC guidance, face coverings or masks remain required regardless of vaccination status.

The Center will maintain extensive cleaning and sanitization protocols, including disinfecting all high-contact surfaces at least daily. We will also have ample hand sanitizer available and encourage guests to exercise good hand hygiene.

Upon entering the Center, all guests over the age of 5 will be asked to show a record of vaccination: either a vaccination card, a clear picture showing the vaccination card, or an NYS Excelsior pass. If a visitor is not fully vaccinated or cannot provide a record of their vaccination, we will offer to assist them with finding a vaccine site and invite them to rejoin us two weeks after their final dose. Vaccine verification can sometimes take 5-10 minutes to complete if there is a line, so please time your arrival for scheduled programming accordingly.

People claiming medical exemptions should be prepared to show supporting documentation of their exemption and a negative Covid-19 test performed within the last 7 days. We encourage guests who cannot receive the vaccinations for medical reasons to join our virtual offerings instead.

In addition to these policies, we will also follow any additional restrictions put in place by local, state or federal authorities regardless of whether those restrictions are included in an updated version of this page. 

For the latest offerings and their availability in person, please see our events page for more details. Virtual programs may transition to hybrid or in-person meetings in the coming weeks and months. If you are interested in booking space at the Center, please visit our space use page for more information.

Staff & Volunteers:
All Brooklyn Community Pride Center staff are fully vaccinated. Vaccinations will also be required for new hires, with exceptions made for medical reasons. Employees and volunteers with medical exemptions will be required to show proof of a new negative Covid-19 test every 7 days.

The Center is excited to welcome back our existing volunteers and onboard new volunteers in person. All volunteers, new and incoming, must be fully vaccinated two weeks prior to in-person training, with exceptions for medical reasons. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please check our volunteer page for more detail and complete the application.

For more information and updates on COVID-19, please check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the NYS Department of Health, and NYC Health websites.

Many thanks to everyone in advance for helping to keep our community healthy and safe.

In community,

Floyd Rumohr
Chief Executive Officer