Study after study has found that TGNC people, particularly TGNC people of color, continue to experience the highest rates of unemployment, violence, family rejection, isolation and discrimination.

Chubb is working with Brooklyn Community Pride Center to fund a part-time staff member to coordinate their Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Adult Support Group.

Brooklyn Community Pride Center’s TGNC Adult Support Group provides peer-to-peer resource sharing, emotional support, education and advice. The group includes over 100 active members through an email discussion board and weekly virtual meetings. In addition to the group, the Center also supports TGNC people through vocal coaching, employment assistance, referrals to mental health counselling, and more. During COVID-19, the Center has also specifically worked to provide direct assistance to TGNC people of color.
Funds raised through this page will be matched by Chubb. The first $7,500 will be dedicated to hiring a part-time group coordinator, a role that has remained open for close to a year due to budget shortfalls. Any additional funds raised will be applied to program cost supports for anything from meals to operational expenses.
Brooklyn Community Pride Center is a 501(c)3 organization.


VIRTUAL: TGNC Adult Support Group